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Solution Keys Trader 4 for Android

Solution Keys Trader is an award-winning mobile platform designed for Forex and Stock market trading. The application allows you to connect to a broker, receive quotes, make financial deals, and check your trading history. All of that is free of charge and available to you from anywhere in the world!

With the Solution Keys Trader you may use real trading accounts and demo accounts using your android. Moreover, demo accounts can be opened directly from the mobile trading application. After login you gain the full access to the trading software options.

Now you can get prices of financial instruments in a real-time mode, conduct trading operations using the full set of trading orders and execution modes. Thus you may implement any trading strategy. At any time and at any place you may refer to your trading history and find out the profitability of your trading activity.

Wide capabilities of the Solution Keys Trading platform are now always with you. Download the Solution Keys Trader to be always in touch with the financial markets and your trading account!

The Application is highly customizable, multi-lingual and fully synchronized with Markets.

Solution Keys Trader for Android has following features

  • Monitors online updating prices for available financial instruments and creates My Favorites.
  • Opens, closes instant and market orders; places, amends, removes working orders: BuyStop, SellStop, BuyLimit, SellLimit, StopLoss, Take Profit.
  • Creates different types of charts.
  • Full range of Technical indicators and drawing objects like Trend lines, Fibonacci Retracement and others.
  • Monitors online News.
  • Monitors and manages open positions, equity and exposure online.
  • Generates activity reports.

The application runs on Android OS 2.1 or higher.

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